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If you are going to pass a hair drug test you'd better be prepared for this. Hair testing is accurate and reveals the drug history of an individual going back for about 90 days. Of course if your hair is short your history of drug usage will be shorter than in the case of long hair. Hair testing is done in special laboratories where the hair taken from the back of the head is dissolved with organic solvents removing the toxins and showing whether the examiner is positive or negative. Hair detox products we offer you help to hide toxins for some period or to wash them out completely. Depending on the ingredients of detoxifying products they cleanse your follicles and the body or just coat the hair with organic film making the evidence of drugs impossible. Hair shampoos and conditioners and hair cleansers are your easy way of passing the hair drug test. All products can be easily used wherever you are, are totally safe and 100% undetectable. Be ready for a hair drug testing without any worries.

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Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo and ConditionerZydot Ultra Clean Shampoo and ConditionerRetail Price: $41.39
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Folli-Kleen Intense Hair CleanserFolli-Kleen Intense Hair CleanserRetail Price: $34.49
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Test Pass Detox ShampooTest Pass Detox ShampooRetail Price: $37.94
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