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Workplace drug testing

Workplace drug testing has been legally approved in several states of U.S.A., but the procedure is not controlled by law. However, in such states, the employer can legally ask an employee to undertake a drug test at the workplace due to any reason. No warrant is required for this purpose as in other cases. Sometimes, without any possible cause, an employee may have to undertake a drug test as part of random checking.

There has been quite a bit of controversy over the issue of making drug testing at the workplace compulsory by law. The group of people in favor of making drug testing mandatory believes that an employer has the right to ensure that the employees are clear-headed while they are on the job. This holds true specially in case of occupations where the interest and safety of the public are involved. On the other hand, the group against legalization of workplace drug testing also maintains that an employer is justified in being concerned in this respect, especially when public safety and security depend upon the employee. However, this group believes that drug testing at the workplace is not the correct method to ensure whether employees have imbibed drugs at the workplace or not. If an employee gets a positive result when tested for drugs, it would only indicate that he consumed drugs. It would not indicate where and when the drugs were imbibed. This group believes that an employee cannot be held liable if he has not consumed drugs at his place of work and if he can effectively function at the workplace.

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